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Your Personal Support Team of Industry Leading Personal Trainers!

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Imagine having access to industry leading training programs to take with you to the gym for as little as $9.95!

Here at Lean Muscle we have ONE simple mission: Bring quality training education to the masses. We want to make it easy & affordable for you to have the RIGHT support in order to get the BEST results.

We have sourced a number of industry leading trainers and gotten their training on video and put it into easily accessible training for you to access ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.

- What you can expect inside of a Lean Muscle Program -

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The CrossFit Program

With a huge diversity in the sort of workouts that can be had with CrossFit we have a huge library of over 20 different videos going over the right way to perform the routines, enabling you to get the very best results out of each workout.

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The Kettlebell Program

Our Kettlebell program has over 15 videos inside which covers all aspects of a kettlebell workout. We all know the the HUGE diversity of how you can use it, now with this program you know how to use it the right way to get the results without the injuries!

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The TRX Program

With over 10 high quality videos that guide you through exactly how you should be using TRX in your workouts and extra content always being developed. You'll confidently be able to use TRX to it's potential knowing you're using the techniques correctly.