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Statement of Work

Statement of Work

Statement of Work / Time & materials 

Our statement of work solution provides an end-to-end service including an analysis of requirements, project scope, delivery and measurement. You maintain full visibility, flexibility and control of a delivery strategy that is aligned to your business requirements.

Analysis of requirements

We will collaborate with you during a series of planning sessions and design a process that is specific to your business requirements. Once this statement of work has been developed, we will produce the necessary documentation to drive adherence to your contract terms, pricing and service levels.


On receipt of your work order we will programme your project into our global CRM tool and our dedicated managed service team will provide your resources whilst tracking milestones, payments and deliverables. Our CRM reports will track progress and provide you with regular information and updates throughout the project lifecycle.

Continuous improvement

Each SOW programme is constantly reviewed and monitored to ensure service levels are measured and met, payment is accurate and client satisfaction levels are high.

Included in our SOW:     

  •  Project scope
  • Technical review
  • PMO deployment (if required)
  • Dedicated project delivery team
  • On-going management and administration
  • On-going compliance management
  • Service delivery management
  • Regular progress review meetings
  • Consortium/vendor partnering
  • Ramp up/ramp down provision
  • Invoice validation and approval process
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Project off-boarding/IP transfer

The benefits of our SOW solution:

  • Compliance and risk management
  • Streamlined processes ensuring
    greater efficiency
  • Invoice/milestone management
  • Transparency of costing
  • Contract performance measured
  • Centralisation of administration
  • Flexibility to meet business demands
  • Bespoke management information