About Us

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Hello & Welcome!

With a long standing history in the Service Industry I have over many years perfected my service skills.

As an ex dancer and purser for a leading UK airline I have been fortunate enough to gain experience and training to the highest standards, these skills have allowed me to offer the best service in my many service businesses.

I began my career in the beauty industry as a Nail Tech and Beauty Therapist, I will never forget opening my first nail bar in 2004. A single table in a little shopping centre quickly built to a packed out salon and relocated to offer hair, nail & beauty services, I sold the salon in 2011 to begin a new life in Australia with my husband and fur baby Saffron. In 2012 I opened my first Australian salon, in a run down suburb on a back street again I grew out of the premises and relocated in 2014 to a thriving suburb.

This business I grew quickly following the same client experience principles I use and teach today.

In 2018 I sold my successful salon in order to pursue my coaching dreams - those of helping others grow their businesses in order to live out their dreams....later on that year I realised that salon ownership is in my blood.

I am born to build business and I actually believe that in a way I enjoy the struggle in the beginning (trust me its always a struggle) because it makes the success all the more sweet.

So as we move in to mid 2019 I have a 8 month old salon that I am working hard to build and I am excited to launch 7 Figure Salon Academy!

If I learned anything in 2018 its to thank the universe for the lessons and to move on, only I can make my dreams come true and only I can allow others to stop that from happening.

If you would like to learn more about The Academy and how to use the principles taught to get your salon growing faster than ever, simply click the button below! I truly cannot wait to see you in there!